I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.

– Robert Frost

This very page is my first singular act towards publicizing the poems I’ve written. My works are mostly about nature, people, situations and unsaid emotions and I am very excited to share them.

Poems and more

Welcome to my page. Here, I write and post my poems for the world to read. Writing is my passion and I look forward to share my work to everyone who is a logophile.

Latest from the Blog

disrupted haven

how do i mean nothing to you? i’ve loved you all my life. you hurt me so often, still my heart beats for you day and night. i decorate the bruises you give, i laugh out the pain. i do it all for you, i’ll do it over and over again. but you, you disregardContinue reading “disrupted haven”

Dreams We Dream

Out of all the dreams we dream, Only few are allowed to bloom into reality. Rest are washed away with tears, Of guilt, regret and unspoken sorries. To go to places with your beloved, To hold hands forever. To never die in memories, To cherish life together. It all gets buried in rubble, When delusionalContinue reading “Dreams We Dream”

Side Effects Of Being Sad

I’ve been revolving through 3 apps all day, Still not replied to any text I’ve received. It’s not that I don’t want to talk, But I can’t put up with it until my scum mind agrees to proceed. And let me get this through, it never does, Never does it clear itself from the dirt.Continue reading “Side Effects Of Being Sad”

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